In her original career plan, Sandy had intended to go into forestry. Banking was never on her radar. But in the summer before college, she started working at a very small rural bank. That experience changed the course of her life.

Her journey started in small community banks as a lender in 1982. She became a specialized mortgage lender in 1995. She is very excited to now have the benefits of working for Vessel Mortgage. As a broker, there are many options available to best meet the mortgage needs of her clients.

Sandy still aspires to be a forest ranger after she retired from mortgage lending, unless she can make the cut as a professional poker player. That’s REALLY what she thinks her second career should be! Until then, she says that she will continue to strive to provide the best customer service to her clients while helping them achieve their home loan needs and goals.

Please reach out to get on the path to home ownership!
NMLS #96853
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